Violet the Pilot

Series of children's books by
Bettina Jenkins Bathe

Violet the Pilot in Canada

Come on an adventure with Violet the Pilot and her friends, Chantal and Mathias. She will fly over the Lake of the Woods area in Canada to find that perfect fishing spot for her passengers.

$17.50 CAD

Violet the Pilot in the Arctic

Violet and her Arctic friends, Alaku and Tuniq, go on an adventure to try to save a baby polar bear stranded on a floating piece of ice in the freezing Arctic waters.

$17.50 CAD

Violet the Pilot in France

Violet helps her friends, Simone and Pierre, in Provence, France, when their hot air balloon encounters a strong wind. They meet a new friend and sing a French folk song.

$17.50 CAD

Violet the Pilot in Hawaii

Violet and her Hawaiian friends, Kimo and Malia, take a helicopter ride to a fiery volcano on the Big Island. After avoiding the ash, they must rescue a baby humpback whale.

$17.50 CAD

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Bettina Jenkins Bathe

About the Author

Bettina Jenkins Bathe was a commercial pilot for many years before writing her children's book series, Violet the Pilot. if you are interested in hearing more about her story or would like to talk about publishing your own series of books, use the button below to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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Reviews for Violet the Pilot

What a delightful series...especially for little girls!

What's not to love about a young girl who is cheery and bold...and knows how to fly!

The books are just the right length for my 3 year old granddaughter, but are also just right in interest level for my almost 8 year old granddaughter.

The illustrations are charming...lots of bright colors and details. 

Violet the Pilot in France gives the delightful experience of a hot air balloon ride over the countryside near Paris.

The young readers learn a lot about the kind of air transportation featured in each book, in addition to learning some geography and simple language.

Phrases, typical foods and pastimes that pertain to each country visited...all within the delightful and simple story so that children learn without it feeling like a lesson.

The bright and happy, whimsical illustrations will stimulate children's imaginations, as well as inform their inquisitive minds.

Your children from three to eight will love these books, and we hope the series continues to grow, as we learned a lot from reading them too!

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